Sayang Sama Cucu

Sayang Sama Cucu
Saya sama Cucu-cucu: Ian dan Kaila

Jumat, 23 September 2011


The youths are always curious, to do anything in  rush, quick in drawing a conclusion of very complicated matter or,  of almost everything.
I feel an obligation to show them the very old way to understand things in more orderly manner, the applications of this very old universal rule of nature “ rwa bhinedha” in Sanskrit or yin – yang in Mandarin.
It is similar to a citrus fruit, a more or less a small globe, can be cut into two very similar parts though its meridian, left part and right part. It can be cut into two very similar only differs in left side and right side left and right parts can be made indefinitely in quantity,  provided that the separating planes passes through its meridian..
For example: Balinese believes that the living nature of human existence, consist of two components, the “kale” part which tangible to human being, and the “niskale” part which is intangible to most of us. These two are inseparable complementary parts of the nature where human life's includes on this system. Agronomists see the two inseparable complementary parts of living nature is assimilation and dissimilation, where the juvenile type tends to assimilate its components of life from nature, and the adult type of life the assimilation is in balance with dissimilation than the advance type of live tends to dissimilate  its component of life back to the nature, than lifes become dying.
Biology can differ the two, between living being a tree Sequoia gigantea, a very long-live tree still grows for centuries, and stalagmite calcium carbonate rock which is growing also, living being is differed with matter although they  are sheowing the same growth.
Deep inside a human being “life preservation” is a prime law to be obeyed.
Some one cannot share pains and death with other human being, some one  should face pains and death alone.
No wonder that anyone is individualist and became egoistic as all capitalists do. Unfortunately these ego is enlarging ever, it became filial centric, tribal centric, national centric, human centric to encounter the make believe  alien invaders.
Stock pilling the human’s essential needs, creating immaterial entities to own these stock pilling ever bigger in the form of money value, owned by hunanizes entity lawfully registeret ac individual human being the "Limited Companies", these were creations of pure human mind without conscience. It was a mishap of self preservation, because if this Limited Companies are going bakrupt, the confiscated collateral limited to the properties of this Limited Companies, the real owners of this Companies collateral, and material richness of the Companies owners are lawfully untucheble.
On the other  hand the babies of this Primate so called Pithecanthropus erectus million yeas after became Homo habilis were naked without furs nor hairs, very vulnerable to bad weather and cold,  at least for ten years without natural abilities to seek for foods and to protect themselves, toothless nntil five years of ages, and  completely helpless.   
Than how come these Homo habilis and than Homo sapient bccame the master of survival ?
This species of Primate tend to flock together and created order amongst themselves. It was a must that a mother and a father to joint forces in tending the only offspring for long time, if anything wrong happened, this baby or youngster must be taken care by the other of their flock, their kinsmen or their species. The only instinct preserved in this Homo habilis was a tender heart to babies, these feeling  is owned by highly developed animals also.
And than the ties between Seniors and Juniors teach their youngster to learn things in various fields of foods gathering, tools making, domestications of beast by tending their babies, and than social good nabit and decorum, So they became social being.
Than this newly post natal learning of juvenile life, human being learned social life in earnest an became a counterbalance of human's individualism, lately developed to the greediness of capitalists.
This social rule to forbid incest by enforcing with severe punishment from the flock  ,  they had to  learned that it harmed the whole society,enforced by very severe punishment.
The fear of it is still to be preserved until recently, deep deep burrowed in subconscious of  human mind. This is confirmed by most of the Psychologists.
These lengthy explanations  only to prove that in a single human’s mind,  there are   two inseparable  elements of natural universal law  “yin yang” in a form that human being as individual being and human being as social being. This inseparable opposing sides bacame natural to human being  , the other side is the consequence of species  fight for survival,  learning to adopt social life to elevate up to the top ladder  of survival.
This seemed to be eternal clash and this contradiction exist eternally until the one of it will be the victor, no it is turned to be futile, because humanity begin to realize that inseparability between intellectual ability and conscience which were created socially, it is properly according to the paramount law of Nature, “rwa bhinedha”, or “yin-yang” relationship.
There is the beginning of a new era, the obvious phenomena, that  humanity is able inteligently  able to combine the reality of the fast progress of sciences with the conscience, In fact this small step is actually the giant leap and become the most valuable asset of humanity. It is almost limitless and this new intelectual creatuons results cannot be diminished by sharing wth other human being for free, but to grow quantitatively and qualitatively. Human being will find that to be beneficent and merciful  is the real destiny of their existence. The time is coming.(*)



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