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Sayang Sama Cucu
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Jumat, 23 Maret 2012


It is interesting to compare the general achievement of countries such as:
 Mexico and  Philippines, China Taiwan and  South Korea, Pakistan and Indonesia, their submissive relationship motives to the United States America.
Nevertheless it will be more interesting if their submissive relationship to the United State of America can be related with the growth of infra structures gained by each country in exchange of this.

Mexico and Philippines
Both of these countries are heavily influenced by Spanish culture, since the reinessance period of Europe in fifteenth century. Mexico is situated farther north under the influence of  arid continental climate, than the Philippines which is directly under tropical climate, Mexico was more preferable to Hispanic colonists, more familiar to donkeys and horses to plough their soil there, rather than buffaloes and cows in  the Phillipinas.  Both majority of these countries inhabitants are devout catholic.
The Republic of Mexico gained independent from Spanish Kingdom at in 1821, an ample time to construct infra structures for what ever economical structure suited to this independence.
To my astonishment why only in 2007 a  cross border (with USA) railways were constructed in a short time, to cover industrial part of the country. That is a modern railways tract between Lazaro Gardenas – Mexico City – Laredo.
It serves   65% of population and around 60% of GDP  of this country is stimulated by  this modern cross border railways tract.
Question: Why so late ?
May I  guess: The neighboring Uncle Sam’s  policy did not encourage to do it previously, long before 2007. The Mexican Pancho-the-peasant stereotype always riding on a donkey, they never can’t be matching  the  car riding Gringos  from the North.
This is changed after the emerging of a fully equipped with infra structures of modern capitalistic China ! 
What was the matter with Mexico ?,
Mexico was under direct rule of His Catholic Majesty of Spain for 300 years before its independent which almost in the same time with the independent  of USA. Although this independent was won in early industrial era, Mexico could not be at the same paces with industrial society of the world, considering the chances were exist.
The internal inter-relationship within  Mexicans society is a decisive factor always.
Of course, the several owners of latifundias and catholic church were the real ruler of Mexico, they determined whatever infra structures  were required by this country. 

Philippines was under the rule of His Catholic Majesty of Spain since long  time, almost since the time of  spices quests in sixteen century.
Philippines was ruled by United State of America after the Spanish-American war over Cuba 1989, than Republic of The Philippines  got its independence in 1946.
Judging recent  per capita income  of 45 % inhabitant is about 2 US dollars per day,  the infra structures in Philippines must be inadequate for sophisticated big investments which able to to hire highy paid workers.
In totally 20 303 km of roads,   there are only 20% paved.
I understood that along the vastness of jungles of Kalimantan  of West Papua, and some part of Sumatra, we had  only jungle tracts, to inter connect the villages, saved in Java Island. So our condition of  land roads  as a whole, was at about the same condition with condition of our neighboring Philippines.  
The average GDP growth in 1966-2007 stand at 1,45%, we here in Indonesia maintained our GDP growth at the same period,  slightly above the Philippines.
 It was clear that infra structures cumulatively build up, in all the said countries which were under colonialism for some centuries,  whether it was under colonial rulers of the Spain, or by the Netherland, or by the United States of America, it was the same, it was just enough to their colonial master’s  needs, that was the essence of colonialism.

Infra structures in human life are essential man-make  structures to operate tools, to make human life comfortably efficient, and what are the needs these structures in colonial environment ? 
In history of  electricity, formerly the generators work to switch on the light bulb to enable every body of intelligent life boosting up by reading, but what is the necessity of electricity in colonial countries when illiteracy almost 100 % and the most human activities is derived from muscles and bones, than no infra structures for electricyties are needed.

The inter-relationship amongst the classes member of society played a decisive role to deter the colonial treatment from another countries.

Taiwan  China and South Korea.
This was the Republic of China in exile in the island of Taiwan, since Generalisimo Chiang Kai Shek was defeated by the army of communist Mao Tse Tung in the whole sub continental of China. The island of Taiwan is of the same size of east Java.
All the time General Chiang's regime was notoriously corrupt, but  by the time of his long rules, general Chiang and his wife (a daughter of Dr Sun Yat Sen) successfully convinced the American President and Congress of the menacing communist ambition to blanket the whole Asia, therefore China of General Chiang and his cronies had the US full support.
Te separation of China between The Republic of China which mean the government in exile to the island of Taiwan and The  People Republic of China or communist China covered the old China and Manchuria  regions, with almost one billion of inhabitant,  Just recently This People Republic China becomes The Republic of China, believe it or not, from now on the communism is minority.   
What happens with Taiwan Republic of China?
Although this Republic Of China under the general Chiang  and his wife successfully convinced the American public to commit  economical and military full support, this regime begun to realize  that Taiwan was the last bastion to them in deterring the communism, so they tried very hard to minimize corruption, build up the infra structures that were suitable to industrialized nation, which was initiated by Americans money. 
 The people of Taiwan begin with free educations, translating unlawfully McGraw&Hill text books of all sciences, years  afterward Taiwan Republic of China becomes worthy for independent under Americans umbrella.

Republic of South Korea.
Soon as the Word War II finished, Korean peninsula was in turmoil, long before world War II in Pacific, Korean peninsula was Japanese imperial Territory.
The red army from the north swarming to the south very quick, almost all of the peninsula was invaded except very small area of Soul the capital city.   American 7th fleet under Commander in Chief the General McArthur was responded by amphibious landing near by Inchon. In the north, so that the communist troops which almost occupied the whole Korean peninsula  were cut, so this red armies were out suppliesof wars material and  munitions
The Korean war ended by division of Korean peninsula into two warring enemies:
In the North, The People  Republic of North Korea under communism, in the south The Republic of Korea which embraced democratic liberalism.
Syngman Rhee was the first President of South Korea further he was disposed by general Park Chung Hee, who ardently build up the muscles of capitalism, by militaristic styles induced to change the attitude of the working laborers, controlling the Chaebols to improve infra structures for decent  life to common people, this was good. Although this Military President was killed in coup d’etat amongst the Military, his policy of labor–companies relationship was continued by all his successors President. One day the South Korean Government made efforts secretly to send emissary to US with plenty of cash, to win the Congress’ support for additional aid. This scandal was founded an covered by press.
Nevertheless, the decisive effort to be free from corruption and to build up its infra structures worthy for its independent country is commendable.   
Afterward South Korea became one of the Asian economical tiger.

Pakistan and Indonesia.
Both countries majority of their inhabitant are Moslems, most Pakistan farmers live in semi arid regions and irrigated land in the valley of Indus River. While Indonesian farmers live under tropical monsoon. Both countries are ruled by colonial Power for long time. Most of Moslem in Pakistan reading their Holy books in Arabic language eloquently, while in Indonesia Arabic language and writing were studied by small minority of Moslem.

Moslem Pakistan seek separation from Hindu India persistently. Since India owned Atomic bomb, Pakistan inclined to look for protection of the American.
Pakistan moslems are easily adopted the patriarchal rules of moslem society being former parts of Hindus patriarchal habit. While the tropical Indonesia this patriarchal habit was not entirely followed.
The most challenging to human existence in the tropical climate are parasites and diseases.  The most able to care the sicks are the women, therefore this society tend to be matriarchal.

The problem were,  that many big town and that capital city were of the oasis town in style, these were build before and during the colonial period. It is a big city with  narrow roads and inadequate drainage system. These discrepancies are very inconvenient for modern hygienic life to its inhabitants. To these pressure of inconveniences, the modernized Pakistani blamed the corruptions, secular Bohemian life promoted by the American style of liberalism. A victim of the hard liners propaganda of religious zeals of neighboring Al Qaeda dominated countries.
Independent Republic of Pakistan Leaders since the independent day, after Ali Jinnah had no time to build infra structures enough to improve the to modern one complete with running water, electricities and drainage system to make the inhabitant healthy, except the feuds amongst each other, who were rich land owners.
Rumor said that the result of this feud was the execution of Ali Bhuto the prime minister by his enemy, a rich land owner also.
Of all the conditions, the most difficult to decide by the rulling Government were determining where to build the most needed infra structures, all the lobby of vested interest land lords start fighting for that. Mostly by violence.
For the sake of the balance of power, any Government was postponed the most needed infra structures building up.

 Indonesia under the New Order of General Suharto war the most misguided Nation in the world. The build up of Infra structures which were needed for paddy growing in major islands of Kalimantan, Sumatra and West Papua was dropped. In exchange of super intensive agricultures methode in the most crowded island in the world,  the Java Island. Deriving the needed supporting pumps for irrigations,  fertilizers and pesticides from imports and loans. It was our own fault, in believing the advice of Banks consultants.
If another Nations are submissive to the US dictated economical policy, for their own survival with all style and costs, we here being submissive to our own peril.
Now we are dependent on importing fertilizers, pesticides and hard to obtain capitals to give decent living space and to feed our people
If our ancestors building their cascading down paddy field up there in the sloping down area at about 500 -700 meter above sea level, to build it with existing tools, a small, easy to dam these rivers to the ever needed irrigations, it is still plenty of this locations along the islands of Indonesia.

It is clear that the internal,  inter-relations amongst the member of a society which determined the abilities to mobilize its people to survive in dignity. Rather than to lean for some one aids in exchange with submissiveness.(*)





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