Sayang Sama Cucu

Sayang Sama Cucu
Saya sama Cucu-cucu: Ian dan Kaila

Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

They Who Are Beneficent and Merciful Are Always Democratic, But They Who Are Democratic, Not Always Beneficent and Merciful.

I cannot forget the sight in a television, a lad begin to read is book in front of his  class, he begun with chanting “In the name of Allah the Beneficent ang merciful” What a chant, or it is a pledge. He pledge: “In the name of Allah the Beneficent and the Merciful”.
The chanting, or better - the pledge ,  is named “Basmallah” to initiate any deed, especially the important one. For instant to slaughter an animal or a cattle even a chicken, the knife shoud be  well sharpened and  to do it quick in the neck cutting the jugular vein to allow the blood to be drained off well )  so the meat is become  “halal”, otherwise the meat is forbidden for moslems to consume. It is “haram”.
If only this lad in his early teens knows about it. This phrase is derived fom the Holly Kor’an. This pledge is changing the world, by means of changing humans mind.
Arab world are now in a turmoil, they shoot each other with heavy machine gun mounted in a pick up truck, every young men toying and AK 47 all the same the are deadly. That young men demand, crying for Democratic way.
The Despot ruled fourty years, in another Arab Country thirty five years with their habitual despotism, such is no problem for the elders, not to the young men and young women who  got formal educations from the Western style, or informal habit of western freedom.
Since eons of time in  the past, Arab life is equal with living in a very disperse oasis in a fast  bone dry  of desert area.
Human being should be tough, with a sheer muscular and mental toughness, to cope living in the desert. There, the toughest male dominates the whole band of several families headed by a patriarch of each family. So the Arab society is based on patriarchal’s  of rules and traditions.
It is only a slight difference between Head of an Oasis society and a Despot, since the only existing rule is the rule of toughness. 
The sole education given by the Despot and the Seniors to their young male juniors, are simple: Men have to be tough and fastly maintain a brotherhood of the tribes. The Despot and the patriarch of the tribe are contend with this kind of education ever since.
No wonder that two thousand and eleven years ago, in the land of semi desert, the land of Yudea was born a Prophet preaching the the Loving power of the Only God toward human being, and reciprocally men should obey the Ten Comadments of Moses in more serius way. He did not give the Holly Bible to his disciples but lately were given by his messengers. 
No wonder that in the oasis in the middle of Arabian desert, Makkah. In Makkah was borned an Allah Messenger, one thousand and four hundred  years ago. He is to be the last  Messenger of Allah. One of his wonderful teaching is to begin any deed especially the important one with a pledge: “In the name of Allah, the Beneficent and the Merciful” if they are moslems. He was an Arab, his mother language is Arab language, easily to be understood by Arabs, whats more ?
Since that time, the reading of a Holly Koran is a compulsory in a moslem’s educations. All the preamble of a surrah of the Holly Kor’an is the phrase “ In the name of Allah the Beneficent  and the Merciful” except on one surrah, without this preamble.
This preamble of a scripture in a Holly Kor’an, may be an aim to soften the harshness of Arab’s heart, which represents all the hardened heart human being.
Aren’t they ? Up to this moment they fight for a piece of super oasis and the looser party, all of their families have be ousted from this super oasis, it is archaic desert’s rule, is done by archaic desert’s tribe, If this happens now, its ridiculous.
Know what ? Nobody in this world, now is pure descendant of Moses.
It is true, if only the Colonel Despot knew,  the real meaning of Basmallah as he begin his rule with this pledge “ In the name  of Allah, the Beneficent and the Merciful”   he would be quit his power after five year term, or say seven year and so to arrange for a Democratic election. Because he knew very well that the westernize majority of young people love democratic society, and who is not ?
If he knew the real meaning of his pledge, he will warn the young people that democracy is easily turns to be Plutocracy, as it happen everywhere – the riches rules the society. Roman society thousand years ago was one o it.
May be the young people re-elect him, may be not, it is a small matter to be compared with this very humane pledge, he might be Mahatma Gandhi, Ho Chi Min, or Mother Theresa, to continue his job as long as he likes.
Bismillahirakhman nirakhim – In the name of Allah the Beneficent and the Merciful – more likely to be a pledge than a chant.
He should warned his young people that Democracy is giving every body  equal chances to pursue good living, correct. But as a Deputy of Allah in this Erath according to the Holly Kor’an Al Baqarah scripture ayat 30 ,  he supposes to pave the road for  humanity ever for better livings to his fellow traveler.
So, they who pledge in every of his important deed with a pledge “ In the name of Allah the Beneficent and the Merciful” certainly are  Democratic, a Democratic mind has no bussiness in giving to the less fortunate a livable life but an equal opportunity to pursue anything in some one mind. The key word should be remembered is:  “I am rich so that I am not going to be poor ever, you are a poor men you have all the opportunities to be rich as I am” that is Democracy.  
But all of you the Moslem and Moslemah in this world, you ara pledging in the name of Allah the Beneficial and the Merciful in every turns of your life, you are worthy to be the Deputy of Allah in this World, are you trying to create goodness in this world equally to yourself,  if you are not concerned about the living of the less fortunates than who should be. (*)          



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